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November 8, 2010

In the world of fashion and shopping there are the items we love to shop for and then there are the items that we simply loathe shopping for….. JEANS. Oh, how something so simple as denim can get a fashionable womans’ heart racing. Her palms start to sweat as she walks toward the denim section in any well known department store. Tip toeing onto the denim floor she looks around for help from a friendly sales girl and is most likely to be presented with one of these scenarios:

1. Being harassed by a sales girl who is more in it for her commission than in helping her find a pair of denim


2. The department is like a ghost town… No one in sight, she sees movement out of the corner of her eye, but when she turns no one is there.

OR, on occasion,

3. She finds a delightfully knowledgeable sales person who guides her along the way to denim heaven!

All three of these situations can and do happen on a daily basis. ALAS, not so at The Blues Jean Bar, a wonderful mecca of denim tucked away on Union street in San Francisco’s Cow Hollow district. I visited The Blues Jean Bar on a brisk fall day, perfect for an outfit centered on a great pair of jeans. I personally love denim and own my share of pairs, so this boutique was definitely up my alley.

From the moment I peeked my head in the door and caught a glimpse of the rows upon rows of denim and the hip and stylish and yet warm looking sales staff, I knew that this would be the place to come when you’re on a hunt for a jean. Walking in I was greeted by Amy, a self professed denim lover and expert. I had done my research and knew that at the Blues Jean Bar jean shopping was to be done like ordering up a drink at your favorite local haunt. Amy kindly gave me a little history on the store -open since 2004- and the owner -Lady Reiss- and then showed me what they had “on tap.”

The Blues Jean Bar stocks jeans from well known labels such as Paige Premium Denim and 7 For All Mankind as well as indie labels like Habitual, Fidelity, Blue Lab, Red Engine, Genetic Denim and DL1961. With so many brands and cuts it may seem like it would be a scavenger hunt in a boutique just as it can be when shopping in a larger venue, but the Jean-Tenders kindly lead the way. They listen to what you are looking for and whip you up a cocktail of choices before sending you into the dressing room to start trying. The Blues Jean Bar is not just a San Francisco phenomena either, with locations in Dallas, Chicago, Santa Monica, San Jose, Denver and a new store in New Orleans.

The Blues Jean Bar is a relaxing get away from the usual hustle and bustle of a big department store and this feeling extends to the people who work the bar as well as Amy points out;

The vibe is low-key and peaceful… None of the stress that is usually associated with jean shopping. It’s great to feel like you’re really a part of the team. I feel like I have input here, and like I can actually talk to the owner!

When asked what the stores’ best seller is Amy quickly replied back with the Women’s Fidelity High-rise and the DL1961 Jessica Skinny, she knows her stuff!

So, for the next time you’re in the market for jeans, head over to the Blues Jean Bar and ask for Amy! You’ll get a one on one experience and denim expertise!

all photos by me.

The Blues Jean Bar

1827 Union Street.

San Francisco, Ca.


p. 415.346.4280

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