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November 20, 2010

source: elle

It’s getting late into November and we’re all getting into the mood for fun! Whether it be an intimate dinner with friends or whipping up a batch of homemade cookies… Take this weekend to kick off the holiday season right!

Try out the Missions newest restaurant, Beast and the Hare, and celebrate San Francisco’s great entrepreneurial spirit.

The weather in SF has finally cooled down to a fall-like state, so take advantage and take a skate at the Union Square Ice Rink.

Need a way to streamline your online shopping and wish list? Set up your own boutique at the new

If you just need a laugh and want to hear the worst thing to hit the airwaves since……..I don’t even know what could be worse…. just Click here.

All of those great holiday parties, office parties, and dinners this season equal out to a lot of food. Check out this list of outfits that let you indulge but hide that food baby….

Speaking of food…. Why not get a head start on your holiday baking and try out some of these cookie recipes….

Now go and enjoy the weekend…. frolic and play. And look good while doing it!

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