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Happy Sunday.

November 21, 2010

Happy SUNDAY all!!!

Just got back from a Sunday brunch date with one of my Favorite Peeps, Ashley! We went to Blue Bottle, my absolute favorite coffee shop in the world. They have the most amazing soy lattes and serve an amazing brunch menu. Its a simple menu but everything on it is perfect. I got the Granola with Persimmon Compote, Pomegranate, and Strauss Yogurt and Ashley had the most divine Catalan style Poached Eggs! It was all so good!

Blue Bottle is one of those places where it’s so good you’ll wait in line for half an hour just to get coffee… and by then you’re way over the time alotted for a coffee break so you just sit there and enjoy the simple pleasure of a great cup of coffee.

If you ever get a chance make sure to stop by Blue Bottle in Mint plaza or one of their other amazing locations!

I hope everyone having a  great weekend! I simply can’t believe that thanksgiving is only FOUR days away!!! I know I’m ready to enjoy some pumpkin pie and Turkey!!! Mostly the pie….

Photos by me.

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