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November 28, 2010

It’s been an amazing week… Busy and fun, full of food, friends, and family. While this is a little late, as Thanksgiving was a couple days ago, the photos just seemed to delightful not to share. The Boy and I drove up to wine country to spend Thanksgiving with our good friends, Mike and Baylee, who live on an amazing, sprawling vineyard, literally living among the grapes…

When we arrived the in the late afternoon the light was soft and beautiful… The colors of the fading leaves were enchanting. We were so thankful to be able to enjoy a little vacation surrounded by such beauty…

Heels on a muddy vineyard??? But of course…. I guess I’m not exactly practical when it comes to footwear. But, thankful that my choice of shoes got some laughs.

Wore my new leopard print Zara coat…. At least I was warm!

Our fabulous hosts greeted the Boy and I with some of our favorites…. Salomi from the restaurant that Baylee works for. Baylee is a wonderful Chef, a professional pastry chef to be exact but more on that later.

Thankful that Mike is a wine industry man….. Offering up a wonderful selection of wines throughout our stay, starting with this beautiful Rose.

Baylee was so kind to make a whole beautiful Thanksgiving feast… everything was AMAZING.

We started with this beautiful Curry Ginger Soup. With peppers grown in Baylee’s garden.

Fresh baked brioche rolls…

The perfect peak of homemade whip cream!

The next day we took a walk on the property…

Chilled by the lake…

And, then let my sweet little Oreo run free!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and was able to celebrate with close friends and family.

I am so thankful for the special people in my life and for the memories we’ve created together.

And, now all I can think about is Christmas!

Time to start decorating, baking, and celebrating!


photos by me.

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