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Guest Blogger: Amy, a hungry liberal twenty-something residing in san francisco, ca.

December 6, 2010

As the new year approaches, we begin to think about trying new things and bettering ourselves. So, in the spirit of self improvement… Bisou Bisou will host it’s first installment of Guest Blogger! Up first is a dear friend and fellow food and fashion loving San Franciscan, Amy. Full of wit and charm, Amy shares my avid addiction to Blue Bottle, Shopping and anything to do with Food Trucks, Hell she lives next to Chairman Bao himself.  But without further ado, I present to you Amy’s quips on San Francisco’s cranky and bipolar weather and how we deal:

I don’t know about you, but being employed and a student full time, my perception of time is very skewed. It’s has recently come to my attention that the holidays are upon us and that can mean one of many things. For some it means the desperate search for the perfect gift for their boyfriend. For others it means the revival of the gingerbread latte and pumpkin pies at the local coffee shop. However, for San Franciscans such as myself, it means one terrifying, sobering, inevitability: the cold. Silly me to be in the fantasy land of our infamous Indian summers that last throughout fall. Nevermind that it rarely dips below the 50s and we don’t face blizzards or snowstorms. Nevermind that we would probably feel warmer if we wore sensible shoes instead of ballet flats. If there’s one topic that residents of this fine city can’t get enough of, is complaining talking about how bone chillingly cold it is. Spoiled by beach weather all Autumn long, I, like everyone else, thought winter would just simply go away.

I have a simple solution that doesn’t involve ingesting calorie and sugar-laden lattes: winter coat shopping. Take a break from gift shopping and pick one up for yourself. With the fabulous finds leftover after Thanksgiving and all the pre-Christmas sales, it’s the perfect excuse time to pick up something warm and cuddly for yourself. Don’t you need something as equally amazing as that dress you picked up for that holiday party? And if the ticket price is at the high end of your range, keep in mind that in San Francisco, once the cold comes around, it’s most definitely here to stay.

To keep toasty in the fog, here are a few of my favorites:

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For more from Amy check out her personal blog, AmyChinny and her photographic blog, The Big Picture! Both are amazing!


source: modcloth, j. crew

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