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Holiday on my MIND.

December 11, 2010

knightcat / fashiontoast / ssense / oracle fox / refinery 29 / stockholm streetstyle / sincerely jules


Some of my current inspirations…

It seems like the days are going faster and faster. I still have yet to find presents for two great men in my life, my dad and my big bro. AND, I’m not even really sure what to get them…. Aren’t dad’s and brother’s the hardest people to shop for???

Along with the anxiety of last minute gift hunting, there are the two final FINALS that I have been dreading. One being a project that I keep procrastinating on… and the other, for my noir class, being to watch a film during class and then respond in an essay… meh, it ain’t so bad. No need to study or anything, I’m really just already on holiday in my mind.

With only four days left before I leave for home… it’s getting down to the wire. I’ve got said projects, a load of last minute errands to get done and have not thought one bit about packing….

Oh, well…. It’ll get done. In the mean time I’m just culling inspirations for my dream vacation wardrobe and piecing together outfits for my trip in my head.

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