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March 11, 2011

Loving this little video from Kate Spade.

Sorry for the hiatus. Sometimes you just need a break! And, with my internship going strong, I’ve been super busy!

I am super excited and more than ready for SPRING!

And, expanding my Spring wardrobe!

I’m really loving the color blocking trend and have been obsessing over anything Celine Chic!


Another new development being that I feel like I’ve grown out of my current wardrobe. And no I do not mean grown out in size…

I just mean that I feel like I’ve grown up a bit, I’m graduating this Spring and it’s time to really think about the clothes that I buy and how they go together to make a cohesive wardrobe!

As of late my purchases include:

This Kate Spade Essex Small Scout bag! The Orange color is cute and cheerful!

And it’s great when all you want is a little something to throw your phone, credit card and a little cash into!


I been on the hunt for colorful pieces and great neutral basics! And, I am surprisingly obsessed with skirts!

So, What are your Spring essentials this year?

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